Monday, 13 February 2012

floating village.

In January I traveled through Cambodia, which is down as one of my most favorite countries.

One of the highlights was visiting a floating village in Kampong Channg. Despite their watery surroundings they were some of the best decorated homes I have seen whilst traveling!

These aquatic houses are open fronted, which enabled me to have a sneak peek into every home. Each house was painted in a bright colour with hanging baskets and recycled flower pots on display out front, often with a guard dog or pig asleep on the porch! Often at least one wall of the house was a patchwork of painted wood paneling that had aged over time giving it a beautifully rustic feel. The interiors were decorated with striking wallpaper accompanied by various nik naks displayed on reclaimed timber shelves and doorways were adorned with hand-painted wood paneling and hanging traditional fabric.

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