Monday, 27 February 2012

colors of march.

This month I have been traveling through south thailand and malaysia and everywhere I look there has been bursts of colour. Here are just a few snaps I have recently taken. Hope you enjoy

Friday, 24 February 2012

traveling cambodia.

A little delayed but here is a selection of pics I took during my travels in Cambodia.

Descriptions are starting from top left.....

1. Wat a temple!
2. I feel like chicken tonight
3. A cycle in the countryside in Kampong Channg
4. A man I would have loved to have spoken to
5. Stormy weather
6. Lots of cheeky faces at the orphanage
7. Sailing at sunset
8. Living the high life
9. A tight squeeze

Monday, 13 February 2012

floating village.

In January I traveled through Cambodia, which is down as one of my most favorite countries.

One of the highlights was visiting a floating village in Kampong Channg. Despite their watery surroundings they were some of the best decorated homes I have seen whilst traveling!

These aquatic houses are open fronted, which enabled me to have a sneak peek into every home. Each house was painted in a bright colour with hanging baskets and recycled flower pots on display out front, often with a guard dog or pig asleep on the porch! Often at least one wall of the house was a patchwork of painted wood paneling that had aged over time giving it a beautifully rustic feel. The interiors were decorated with striking wallpaper accompanied by various nik naks displayed on reclaimed timber shelves and doorways were adorned with hand-painted wood paneling and hanging traditional fabric.

breakfast in bed.

Seeing as it is all about 'love' this month - I thought it was a great opportunity to day-dream my ideal valentines breakfast in bed!

I would be gently woken by the placing of a tray on the bed, which would be bursting with both edible and decorative goodies. Egg and soldiers, cooked perfectly (runny egg and hot toast with melted butter) would have to be my chosen breakfast and what better way to present it than in the beautifully bold love bird egg cup and saucer from PiP studio. A strawberrry smoothy would be the perfect morning refreshment, both delicious and healthy, and these heart straws make it all that more fun! No breakfast tray is complete without a bit of romantic charm, and some flowers and a personalised note does just that. If all that was not enough the heart balloon from rockett st george tied on with some 'i love you' ribbon is sure to put a smile on my face!

And who says I ask for much! hehe...

Here is a little illustration to show you what I had in mind.... and below I have detailed where everything can be sourced.

1. Sombrero sheet set, Anthropologie, 158.00. 2. Avoca charm throw, John Lewis, 80.00. 3. White tray, Ikea, 7.99. 4. Dieppe pack of 6 hi-ball glasses, Habitat, 6.00. 5. Spoon, Steamer Trading, 3.00. 6. strawberries, M&S, 3.99 7. Love birds side plate, Selfridges, 7.95. 8. Printed quilting circle napkins, Anthropologie, 6.00. 9. Jar, Jamie Oliver, 3.50. 10. Love birds egg cup, Selfridges, 3.95. 11. 3D love heart confetti, Not on the highstreet, 3.50. 12. Ceramic notepad, Not of the highstreet, 15.00. 13. Heart balloons, Rockett st george, 3.50. 14. Valentines love ribbon, Edamay, 4.50. 15. Polkadot wrapping paper, WHS, 2.50. 16. Heart wrapping paper, Paperchase, 3.99

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Head over heals.

I have to admit that my boyfriend and I don't actually celebrate valentines day but that does not stop me loving all the valentine inspired gifts and cards. Here are a few that I have fallen head of heals for...

I am sure that everyone has made a cassette tape for a boyfriend in the past.. now you can personalise your own cassette print thanks to Hanna Melin.

do you remember these lollies from when you were little?!?! I used to LOVE them! I have not seen them around for ages - bring them back I say!

I adore these framed hearts from etsy sellers Sarah and Bendrix.

This ribbon would be the perfect finish when wrapping a gift for a loved one.