Sunday, 25 December 2011

A little bit of Christmas.

Seeing as we were away for Christmas I had to improvise to bring some Christmas spirit to our day by doing the following little bits...

I threaded some chocolate coins together and decorated our hotel room along with some 'clean' socks to act as stockings so that we woke up feeling like it was Christmas.I could not find any Christmas paper so I wrapped our Secret Santa pressies with fabric and made little fabric flowers to decorate each gift. It actually worked out quite well.
It was a rather untraditional Christmas lunch as I ended up having spaghetti bolognese - but we decorated each place setting by turning a small Christmas bauble into a vase with some leaves and a pretty flower. This afternoon we went down the beach for a Christmas swim so could not resist taking a picture on the beach!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mhong Christmas.

Whilst I was trekking in Sapa, northern Vietnam, with the Mhong tribe ladies, I decided to do a small photo shoot incorporating some of their traditions to create a Christmas table set up. Here are some of the behind the scene images.

Mhong ladies, Tee, Sa and Chiang who inspired the idea of the photo shoot.

Tee, at the age of 52, cutting down some bamboo for me.

Here I am cutting the bamboo to the right length, it looked a lot easier when Tee was doing it!

Plaiting fern leaves to create a Vietnamese style Christmas reef.

Whilst breakfast was being cooked I sewed Merry Christmas onto some muslin, which is traditionally used to make clothes once it has been dyed. The young girl next to me also helped thread all the coins together.

Muslin drying after being dyed indigo, ready to be made into the traditional clothing.

Hanging the Christmas reef and threaded coins which are traditionally worn on the headresses of the Mhong tribe.

I will post the final pics of the set up shortly.

Monday, 5 December 2011

missing christmas.

Being abroad is brilliant but I have to say I am missing all the lead up to Christmas.. so I went online to find some Christmas inspiration and cheer myself up.

1. Living ect had this gorgeous picture of stitched doilies - which are such a simple yet effective idea.. maybe I could do something like this for Christmas day to bring a little festivity to the table.
2. Elle Decor's recommendation of the reindeer place mats is super cute.
3. Christmas would not be complete without me trying to attempt one of Donna Hays recipes and these chocolate candy cane cookies look super yummy!