Monday, 30 March 2015

getting cosy.

The new year has brought some new clients and I have recently styled a shoot for which I am excited to see that two of the images are up of their website. The shoot took place at gorgeous location house just outside of London and to top it off they had an adorable puppy called Hector - although he was a Great Dane so he was taller than me!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

lighting for the studio.

We are moving house... hopefully quite soon... all in limbo land at the moment... but I can't help getting excited about the potential house and having a studio space all to myself! One of the things that I have neglected in my current working space is good lighting - I just stumble on through the evening with just the light from my laptop. Things need to change so I am on the hunt for a nice desk lamp... I've been looking into it and found these lovely desk lights or hanging lights that I could create a hook and have a pendant at the side of my desk... decisions decisions!