Tuesday, 30 August 2011

cluckingham palace.

This bank holiday I went over to France to visit my parents. For weeks now they have been talking about their new pets...chickens... Unfortunately one of the chickens called Charlie (apparently named after me because it had a high pitched chirp!) was eaten by a dog last week - so my parents took me to go and choose a new one. We went to the local market and picked a chicken who looked like it had the most personality (later named Blondie). Once home my Dad took me round the back of the house and showed me the chicken pen that he had made - it was FANTASTIC! And has been the talk of the village - one neighbour thought it was so grand that they made a plaque for the pen Cluckingham Palace'. The weekend was great fun and the chickens really do all have very different personalities and come marching in the kitchen demanding food. We also managed to get an egg from each of the chickens over the weekend - all very different shapes / sizes and colours.

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