Sunday, 19 September 2010

life with wallpaper.

I have been helping a friend choose a wallpaper for her bedroom and whilst I was searching for the ideal one I came across so many beautiful papers that I wanted to share them with you all. After lots of testing and sample purchasing we opted for this elegant Ibis wallpaper by Turner Pocock.
This green and white wild flower wallpaper is gorgeous and would look perfect in any bedroom with white floor boards.
This Farrow & Ball wallpaper is a real statement piece in Kimberly Cornelison's hallway - found on design sponge.
I am so impressed with Otto's wallpaper. 'Ohoy' is my favorite. What a talented young boy. You can order the wallpaper in pre-cut lengths to fit your wall exactly.


  1. I love the paper you have chosen from the Turner Pocock collection, subtle but elegant.

  2. Fabulous choice of wallpaper! Enjoy a wonderful day, Kellie xx